BizMeet’s Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to a variety of questions you as a users may have. We have organized the FAQ’s from general questions to questions relating to the various BizMeet app pages. Should you not be able to find an answer to a specific question you might have, you can contact our support team by either; emailing us at supportbizmeet-hub.com, use our contact form or through BM’s in-app feedback.

Available Sections:

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Q: How do I navigate around when I am using the app?
A: All main sections of the app are represented by the lower navigation bar. Use those to navigate to specific areas of functionality. Within certain areas there are additional navigation options indicated by for example arrows on the Settings page or the by tapping the various records under Chat or Meetings. There is also a “Cookie Trail” for navigating back to where you were previously.
Q: Why can I not directly just see or message any of my native contacts that are also on BizMeet?
A: Location based apps like BizMeet are all about being able to see and connect with people you know. That’s the cool thing about apps like BizMeet. At the same time there are such things as privacy and personal security. We here at BizMeet take the individual security of our users very serious. We therefore have built in several security measures to protect the individual users and make sure that those they connect with are true mutual contacts and that they can decide when or when not to be followed by other individuals.
Q: I have a great idea how to make your app even better, how can I share that with you?
A: We are always happy to hear from our users. If you have any ideas or comments about BizMeet you can contact our product team via email at productbizmeet-hub.com, use our webpage contact form or BM’s in-app feedback feature.
Q: Your information says that the BizMeet app is available in some other languages, but I can still only get the English version?
A: The available languages are based on the language you have set as the main language for your phone. If the main language set is not one of the available language versions of BizMeet, the default language of English will be displayed. For example, if your phone has German set as the main language, our German language version will display when you open BizMeet. However, if you have set the main language to French, you would only see the English version of BizMeet, since BizMeet is not yet available in a French language version.
Q: Are you planning to release other language versions?
A: Yes, we are in the process of providing additional language versions and will release them as they become available.


Q: Why am I not receiving a text message with the verification code?
A: Sometimes when our messaging service sends out the verification code you requested it does not get delivered. This is most often caused by rules that has been established by the service provider you have or your number is identified as a non-existent number.
Q: Is there any other way I can get a verification code?
A: Currently we do not have another automatic delivery method in place for verification code delivery. However, if you contact us at supportbizmeet-hub.com and provide us with your email and phone number, we can identify the verification code assigned to your number and send it to you via email.
Q: Why do you also ask for an email address when signing up for your service, isn’t the phone number enough as a user name?
A: While your phone number is specifically tied to your device, the addition of an email as your username for login purposes allows you to access BizMeet on multiple devices. Through the myBizMeet functionality available on our web page, you can access some BizMeet features directly on your PC or Tablet.


Q: What is the larger blue circle/ring displayed on my map?
A: The large blue ring you see on the map is your contact radius. It is a Geo-Fence and represents the area of proximity set by users within which they want to see other users that they are following. Users you are following display to you when they are inside of this set radius distance. Factory default has this set at a distance of 500 meters from your actual location. You can change the radius distance under the Settings menu. Distance settings can range from 100 feet / meters or less to spanning the globe.
Q: How can I see my contacts on the map?
A: Make sure that the contact you are looking for are in your BizMeet Contacts and have been set to the status of “Follow”. That you have set one of your BizMeet contacts to “Follow” status is indicated by the slider in the contact record having an orange background. If you want to follow a contact and the slider in their contact record does not have an orange background, simply slide the slider from left to right to activate “Follow” status. Once you follow a contact you are connected with they will have to be inside your contact radius for you to be able to see them.
Q: Why can’t I see my contacts that I am connected with on the map?
A: There are a few possible reasons for this:
  1. The “Location Services” functionality in your device is turned off. If this is the case, go to your device settings and turn on location services.
  2. Permission to access location services has not been granted to the BM App. You can check this by going to the listing of the BM App under your device settings.
  3. The contact record on your device has not been set to “Follow” status. Go to contacts and change the user(s) status to “Follow”.
  4. The followed user is not within the set distance radius. Under BM Settings you can go and expand the radius.
  5. A followed user that has been inactive for more than 4 hours, is removed from displaying on the map and therefore would not show up.
  6. The followed user has temporarily hidden themselves by turning off the BM applications location services individual or global setting.
  7. The user has temporarily lost data connectivity.
Q: Why do my friends traveling together display as being located at slightly different locations?
A: There are a few different parameters that impact the display of location, so that even two people traveling together show at times to be at different locations:
  1. The users can have different devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy or iPhone).
  2. The users can be on different operating systems (Android or iOS).
  3. The users can have different versions of operating systems (e.g. Android Lollipop 5.0 or Oreo 8.1).
  4. The users can have different carriers (i.e. the company you have your cell phone contract with).
  5. How good their data connectivity is, which affect the speed of transporting data packets.


Q: What is myShare?
A: myShare is the ability to share your location with any non-BizMeet contact you have for a certain period of time, of up to 4 hours. myShare is available directly from the Map page.
Q: Why did you add myShare?
A: We added myShare to provide our customers with more flexibility. We know that not everyone wants to use BizMeet, so everybody has contacts that are not using BizMeet. So, this provides our customers with the ability to share their location with exactly those type of contacts as well. Because you like to share!
Q: How does myShare work?
  1. Tap the myShare icon located in the upper right hand corner of the Map page.
  2. Confirm that you want to share your location with a non-BizMeet user.
  3. Set the time duration for how long you want to share your location.
  4. Choose how to send the share link (email, SMS, WhatsApp etc.)
  5. Your contact taps the link and the browser on their device will open up and display your location.
  6. Once the set duration of time for sharing has expired, your location disappears from view and is no longer accessible.

That’s it!

Q: How do I stop a running myShare session?
A: If you want to stop a running myShare session before it expires;
  1. Tap the crossed out myShare icon in the upper right hand corner of the Map page.
  2. A prompt pops up asking you if you are sure you want to stop sharing, tap yes.

The session you were running have now been canceled.


Q: How do I follow a BizMeet contact?
A: If you want to follow a contact, simply slide the slider on the right hand side of the contact record from left to right to activate “Follow” status. Active “Follow” status is indicated by the orange slider background.
Q: I can see friends under BizMeet contacts, but their status says “Connect”?
A: The user status of “Connect” means that the user also has the BizMeet app installed on their device, but that they do not have your phone number stored in their contact book. To connect mutually over BizMeet, simply tap the “Connect” button and send them a text message, asking them to add your phone number to their native contact book. Once they have added your phone number, their status will update and you will have to option to set them to “Follow” status.
Q: What’s the difference between the two contact sections BizMeet and BizMeet Invite?
A: The BizMeet section displays your contacts from your native contact book that also have the BizMeet app installed on their devices.

The BizMeet Invite section displays your contacts from your native contact book that does not have the BizMeet app installed on their devices. BizMeet Invite provides you with the ability to invite friends over SMS to also join BizMeet and be able to connect spontaneously when out on the town or traveling.

Q: I cannot see anybody of my native contacts under the two BizMeet contact sections?
A: Check if you have provided permission for the app to access your native contact book. Without that permission, no contacts will be uploaded into BizMeet.

Individual Contact

Q: How do I access the individual contact card?
A: Simply tap someone’s contact icon on the map page or their contact listing under BizMeet contacts and the Individual Contact card will display.
Q: I see my contacts phone number listed on the Individual Contact screen, but I do not seem to be able to call my contact directly from there, why?
A: We have not yet implemented this convenience feature for BizMeet. We expect to do so in the near future.
Q: What can I do when on the Individual Contact card?
A: There are a set of actions available that the user can perform in regard to their contact.
  1. The user can set up a meeting.
  2. The user can initiate a chat.
  3. The user can initiate the hide feature for that specific contact.


Q: What does the red dot next to the Chat icon on the navigation bar indicate?
A: The red dot indicates that you have a new message in Chat.
Q: What does the blue / orange dot next to a message thread indicate?
A: The dot indicates that you have a new message in that specific message thread. On Apple phones the dot is blue and on Android phones the dot is orange and contain a count of the number of new messages received.
Q: How do I access the individual chat?
A: Tap the message thread of the individual you want to chat with and the individual chat messages between you two are displayed.


Q: I received a meeting invite, but the timing does not work. Is there any way I can propose another time or reschedule the meeting?
A: Yes. Instead of tapping on one of the two status indicators (Accept/Decline) you tap on the meeting record itself. You will now have the ability to set a new meeting time and send an updated meeting record to the contact who originally invited you.
Q: One of my meeting records just disappeared, what happened?
A: A meeting record is removed from the meeting page under 3 conditions.
  1. The meeting start time has passed.
  2. The invited user declined the meeting invitation.
  3. The user you were supposed to meet with, or you, canceled the meeting.
Q: How come there are no historical records of past meetings?
A: The intended use of BizMeet’s meeting functionality is to generate a quick meeting record for a spontaneous meeting when on the move. Therefore, to keep the app agile and not laden down with data we have opted now not to retain historical meeting data in the app itself. This may change based on user demand.


Q: How do I change my contact radius?
A: Tap the arrow at the right-hand side of the “Contact Radius” section. You will then be provided with the option to choose Miles or Kilometers for distance units to use and directly below you can specify the distance you want. Then tap “Save” to change your contact radius to your new specifications.
Q: How do I make changes to my profile?
A: Tap the arrow at the right hand side of the “Profile” section. You will then be provided the options to:
  1. Add a profile photo.
  2. Edit your username.
  3. Change your email address.
  4. Change your password.
Q: What’s the difference between turning off location services under settings versus on the Individual Contact screen?
A: Turning off location services for the app under Settings is a universal feature. When doing that no location data is captured and none of the contacts that are following will be able to see you on the map. When you turn it off for a specific individual, only they cannot see you, while other contacts can. This since your location data is still being captured. In addition, when the location services under settings has been turned off, it reduces battery usage.
Q: Does “BizMeet Feedback and Info” under Settings provide me with anything valuable or is it just information about the company?
A: We would like to think that the “BizMeet Feedback and Info” page provides the user with value. Here you can:
  1. Determine which version release of BizMeet you have on your device.
  2. Contact the BizMeet team through the in-app feedback functionality.
  3. Share BizMeet over social media.
  4. Access our Privacy Policy.
  5. Access our EULA..


Q: What is myBizMeet?
A: myBizMeet is a simplified web version of the app. You can access the myBizMeet web app through our homepage. Simply click the myBizMeet menu link and login with your BizMeet email/password credentials.
Q: Does myBizMeet have all the features of the BizMeet app on my phone?
A: No, unfortunately it does not:
  1. There is no contact radius to set.
  2. Follow/Unfollow of contacts does not carry over from the phone app.
  3. You cannot message or set up meetings with your contacts
Q: What features does myBizMeet have?
A: myBizMeet have some other features that are not available on the phone app:
  1. All your contacts that have been active within the last 4 hours display on the map and are listed on the right-hand side according to the proximity of your location.
  2. By clicking on a user icon on the map, a set card is displayed with various information and possible actions.
  3. The set card allows you to initiate a phone call or an email from your PC or Tablet (depending on available device functionality) to communicate with your contact.
  4. “Show my path” let’s you map out the path you traveled over a certain period of time and determine where you were at a certain point in time, as well as when you arrived at or left from a specific location.
Q: How do I map out my path?
A: At the top of the right-hand contact panel in myBizMeet you will find an icon with an arrow next to the orange highlighted contact icon. Click the icon with the arrow and an empty map with a date/time selector will be displayed in the panel on the right hand side.
  1. First you select departure date/time and then the arrival date/time.  IMPORTANT please note that the selection time displayed is currently in UTC/GMT and does not factor in daylight savings. That means that if you for example live in Paris or Berlin and your trip started at 8:00AM local time, you would have to set the selection starting time as 7:00AM (07:00) or if you live in New York it would have to be set to 1:00PM (13:00). The same principle applies to end time. If in your time zone you currently have daylight savings, don’t forget to factor that in as it would move the starting time back by one hour.
  2. Second, review the granularity settings and adjust if necessary.
  3. Third, click on the map icon below the date/time selection display.
  4. The path you took between the set start and ending times displays on the map.
  5. Clicking the start or end location symbol display your exact start or end date/time.
  6. The history of all locations captured within the set time period are displayed on the right hand side. Capture and update times are now displayed in local time.
Q: How can I identify on the map where I was at a specific time?
A: Each location history record on the right hand side has a checkbox. Check one or more of them and a blue dot will display on the orange path outlined on the map for each checked record. This allows you to see your location at any given time during the set time period to;
  1. Determine when you arrived or departed a certain location.
  2. Determine where you were at a certain time.

This type of information can prove very useful in certain situations, when you need to document or prove where you were at a specific time.

Q: Will you be introducing new features to myBizMeet in the future?
A: As BizMeet evolves, so will myBizMeet. We have many exciting and interesting ideas fro myBizMeet and we will be introducing them over time as they become available.

Version v5 September 26, 2019