Quick Tutorial

New Contacts Deidentified EN Mar 2019 576x1024 - Quick Tutorial

First: Check that your friends who also have the BizMeet app, appear on the BizMeet contact page and that you are following them. Contacts who do not have the BizMeet app cannot be followed and will appear under BizMeet Invite.

New Settings Radius EN Mar 2019 576x1024 - Quick Tutorial

Second: In settings, check what distance has been entered for the contact radius (default 10 Km/Miles). Contacts within the set radius will appear on the map. Contacts outside of the contact radius will not appear. Check that the distance you have set is far enough to include everyone you want to see on the map. Adjust distance up or down as necessary.

New Map LA Mar 2019 576x1024 - Quick Tutorial

Third: Go to the map page and you can see where your contacts are located!

Note: Phone GPS, data and location services must be turned on. Also, the apps location sharing must be on. If your contact has turned off location sharing in Settings or under your Individual Contact information, you will not be able to see that contact.

You still have questions?

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